Wet & Dry Sandblasting

Sandblasting is used to finish, clean or prepare materials using a variety of media in blasting machines. This process is also important in the cleaning and roughening of surfaces before coating. Sandblasting removes surface debris such as rust or other types of residual contaminants and scale. The increased surface adhesion of a suitably blasted part results in a stronger bond between the coating and the parts surface.

We do Wet dustless and Dry mobile Sandblasting

How it works

You can hire our pot and compressor with all Hoses, Nozzles, Face mask and more on a daily/weekly/monthly rate. We can provide sandblasting services as well and supply you with the necessary grid(sand). Our pot is 200L and the compressor is 400 cfm you need at least a 250 CFM compressor or higher to power the pot.

We have it all

We have a machine suited to every different job and it's requirements. a Safer and more convenient way then scaffolding. Having a solution for heavy lifting and hard to reach places.

Our Equipment

Ranging from Heavy lifting mobile cranes, light towable boom lifts, heavy self-propelled 4x4 cherry pickers, telescopic handlers and everything in between.


It always comes first, with us you are guaranteed a more safer work place. Dedicating our time and focus on making sure your work gets done in the safest way possible.


We are able to increase your productivity especially when it comes to time saving and cost effectiveness in all fields. Focusing on what you need to get the job done.