Our Rental Fleet

Offering the best in material handling, lifting, and working at heights, we’ll make sure we can meet all of your needs.

Our Products

Mobile Rough Terrain Crane

(Diesel powered)

Our Crane is capable of lifting 40Tons and it has a height of 29.5 Meters. The cab can be lifted 4 Meters in to the air, making it more efficient for the operator to work.

Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers

(Electrical, Battery and Petrol powered)

Our Trailer mounted cherry pickers range from 12 Meters to 26 Meters. Capable of lifting from 200 Kg to 225 Kg.

Self propelled Cherry Pickers

(Diesel and Electrical powered)

Our self propelled cherry pickers range from 12 Meters to 39 Meters. Capable of lifting from 200 Kg until 250Kg.

Scissor lifts

(Diesel and Electrical powered)

Our scissor lifts range from 8 Meters to 18 Meters. Capable of lifting from 340 Kg until 680 Kg.


(Diesel powered)

Our Telehandlers range from 7 Meters to 21 Meters. Capable of lifting from  2.8 Tons until 4.5 Tons.

Truck mounted(Bucket Truck)

(Diesel powered)

Our Truck mounted cherry pickers range from 12 Meters to 17 Meters. Capable of lifting from 200 Kg.

Tracked & Bio Fuel Boom Lifts

(Electrical powered)

Our Tracked cherry pickers range from 12 Meters to 20 Meters. Capable of lifting from 200 Kg.

Material Lifts

(Forklifts, ALP Lift, Bocker Lift and more)

Our material lifts range from 4 Meters to 23 Meters. Capable of lifting from 240 Kg until 3 Ton for the forklifts.

Light tower

(Diesel powered)

The VB9 Light Tower provides 320 Hours light coverage while having great environmental benefits. Working at night and having trouble to see we are the solution

Low Bed & Rollback Transport

(Diesel powered)

Our trucks are in great condition we have Low bed and Rollback transport services. Providing you with loads up to 30tons.

Mobile Wet & Dry Sandblasting

(Diesel powered)

Our Sandblasting pot is 200 Liter and the compressor is a 400 cfm. We can provide you with grit(sand). Can be rented from us with or without operator.

Tree Felling

Pruning, Felling, Cutting

Our tree felling team is able to help you with cutting down your trees. We have a great solution for big and hard to reach trees with our boom lifts.

We have it all

We have a machine suited to every different job and it's requirements. A safer and more convenient way then scaffolding. Having a solution for heavy lifting and hard to reach places.

Our Equipment

Ranging from Heavy lifting mobile cranes, light towable boom lifts, heavy self-propelled 4x4 cherry pickers, telescopic handlers and everything in between.


It always comes first, with us you are guaranteed a more safer work place. Dedicating our time and focus on making sure your work gets done in the safest way possible.


We are able to increase your productivity especially when it comes to time saving and cost effectiveness in all fields. Focusing on what you need to get the job done.