Mobile Crane

Sennebogen 643 M Crane: 29.5m - 40ton

Our Crane is capable of lifting 40 tons and able to reach a height of 29.5 meters. It’s strong enough to pickup and drive, making your work a lot easier and faster. The cab can be lifted up 5m in the air to help the operator work more efficiently.

P & H Omega Crane: 24.38m - 20ton

With a lifting capacity of 20 tons, this mobile rough terrain crane makes it simple to move equipment and objects around any location. The boom can be extended up to 24.38 meters. This crane is simple to operate because of its mobility.

Mobile Rough Terrain Cranes

lifting all materials and equipment up to 40 tons at a 30-meter height We have skilled operators on board, and they are more than pleased to help out with any task.