Experience the Thrill with FAT E-Bikes!

Discover the Ultimate Riding Experience with VerticalZA's High-Performance FAT E-Bike!

We’ve got some exciting news! We’ve upgraded our high-performance FAT E-bike with even more features to enhance your riding experience.

In addition to the front and rear lights that come standard, we’ve added LED lights to the bike’s frame for an extra touch of style and visibility. With these added lights, you’ll be able to ride safely and confidently even in low-light conditions.

And that’s not all – we’ve also upgraded the bike’s tires to 20×4.0 for even more stability and traction on any terrain. Whether you’re cruising through sand, snow, or mud, these tires will provide the grip and control you need to conquer any challenge.

So what are you waiting for? Order your high-performance FAT E-bike today and experience the thrill of the ride with these amazing upgrades! With free delivery in Gauteng, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to own the ultimate ride.

All Types of Forklifts

  • Riding Range: Depending on battery capacity
  • Terrain Compatibility: Suitable for a variety of terrains
  • Dimensions: Depends on the selected model
  • Control: User-friendly controls for a safe and enjoyable ride
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing for high-performance e-bikes
  • Lighting: Upgraded with LED lights on frame for enhanced visibility
  • Tire Size: Upgraded to 20×4.0 for superior traction and stability
  • Delivery: Free delivery in Gauteng


FAT E-Bikes Ideal For:

  • Off-Road Adventurers
  • Commuters and City Riders
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Mountain Bikers
  • Fitness and Health Aficionados
  • Cycling Hobbyists
  • Eco-Conscious Travelers
  • All-Terrain Riders

Benefits and Features?

  • High-performance solution for versatile riding
  • Suitable for both off-road and urban environments
  • LED lights on the bike’s frame for enhanced visibility and style
  • Upgraded 20×4.0 tires for superior stability and traction on any terrain
  • User-friendly controls for a safe and enjoyable ride
  • Competitive pricing for high-performance e-bikes