About Us

VerticalZA started as the idea of Cees and Yoneé Hopstaken during a visit to Europe. Realizing the shortcoming which SA has in the building and construction industry they decided to import much-needed man-lifts and cherry pickers to supply the market.

Cees is originally from the Netherlands but relocated to SA in 2006, trading/leaving behind his well-established steel construction erecting company for the warm weather of SA. His company owned and operated around 5 cranes and 20 man-lifts, setting up large-scale buildings, factories, stadiums and warehouses all over Europe. Cees started building his experience in the company at the tender age of 14, working side-by-side with his father who then owned the company, before taking over the company himself at age 20 after his father was in a fatal car accident. He has since gained over 20 years of invaluable first-hand experience in the construction and crane/man-lift  industry.

Yoneé grew up in a family business dealing in commercial vehicles and machinery, and so has been exposed to the commercial trade industry from a young age. Her involvement in the business has given her experience in the advertising and admin department, and has also familiarized her with the ways, preferences and dealings of the South African people.

Having witnessed the developmental pattern of Europe for the past 20 years, Cees predicted that SA would follow the same track, and that it would soon be in need of man-lifts, as the next step would be that scaffolding and tall ladders would become a thing of the past because of safety and efficiency issues. Yoneé and Cees decided that they would put their efforts together and make it their goal to give Pretoria and the surrounding suburbs their very own High-Reach Equipment rental company. And so, VerticalZA was born.

They initially purchased 21 items of machinery from Europe, and started the learning process of importation. Up to date they have continued to import Man-lifts, Cherry pickers and cranes from Europe, building up the company’s fleet to supply the increasing demand in Gauteng. VerticalZA also has its own truck and triple-axle lowbed, transporting their own machinery wherever needed, to reduce the price of transport.

They make it their priority to attend to every customer’s individual needs and to provide excellent service. Their aim is always to build an outstanding relationship with their customer, and to supply to their needs, now and in the future. VerticalZA caters for all different types of businesses, working at different heights, whether indoors or outdoors, on paved surfaces or off-road, and both long term and on a daily bases.

VerticalZA urges you:

“Don’t hesitate to contact us no matter what your requirements are, and we will do our best to assist you to your satisfaction, giving you excellent service, as nothing is better than the reward of having a satisfied customer.”