VerticalZA  Access & Lifting Equipment RENTAL 

Tree Felling and Trimming

VerticalZA tree felling provides economic, professional tree felling and removal of tree services. We have the necessary experience to give our customers great service. We only use new equipment that is in good working condition. All our vehicles are roadworthy and all our staff ensure high safety standards.We also do free quotes for our customers. 

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Sand Blasting is used to finish, clean or prepare materials using a variety of media in blasting machines. This process is also important in the cleaning and roughening of surfaces before coating. Sandblasting removes surface debris such as rust or other types of residual contaminants and scale.The increased surface adhesion of a suitably blasted part results in a stronger bond between the coating and the parts surface.

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High Pressure Cleaning Services

Our HDS 6/14 C combines economical and environment-friendly work with superb comfort for the userPowerful hot and cold water high-pressure cleaner with the unique eco efficiency mode. The high-pressure gun utilizes the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the retaining force. Effortless operations, intuitive single-button operation. Large wheels and a steering roller ensure smooth mobility. U can rely on us to definitely help clean tough surfaces.

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